This is IT

Digital tools to facilitate the emergence of learning groups

The Challenge Institute offers a collaborative digital ecosystem to the UP community: 3 platforms that allow to document one's projects, to connect co-learners and mentors at the university level, to map the human and didactic resources necessary for one's learning path or to profile one's competences in order to better orient their development.


Projects : document, collaborate and promote your projects

If you are a student, teacher or researcher, the Projects platform allows you to create a complete and powerful presentation of your projects, to share them and to increase synergies with your community. Be inspired by the 1800 projects already referenced.


WeLearn, the GPS of knowledge

Find, combine and expand the learning resources you need and meet others who share your interests. On WeLearn you can build, organise and enrich your library of online resources. WeLearn's AI aggregates resources when they share annotations, tags and therefore a common disciplinary field.
Together, these resources form islands of knowledge with related concepts. Exploring these knowledge landscapes facilitates and increases access to relevant and quality knowledge. One can share one's resources partially or fully, with an interest group, one's community or find mentors and collaborators based on their own resources.


Skills, a 360° view of your competences

With Skills, establish a complete profile of your skills (academic, digital, transversal), both to better orient their development and to allow you to target new learning paths.